How a Girl wears a Men's Shirt

Just came across this interesting clip, demonstrated how creative we may style with the unused and wasted. Of course you've to pick the right patterns and graphic prints to make the right look and style. Or even just a plain shirt will do!



One of the most dominant trend of this fall/winter is the master pleasure fetish look. The style dashes through most brands, you may find it from Louis Vuitton, Emilio Pucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Antonio Marras, Giles etc. Unique collar designs, see through and sheer materials, lace, ribbon, nudity, black and white are the core elements of the looks. Cuttings that shows the natural beauty of the woman's body. Sexy, cool and mysterious.


Tulle Twist

Tulle is mostly used in wedding gowns and evening dresses, makes you look feminine, dreamy and romantic. It's a hot item for the season, by giving a twist, matching this gorgeous material will give you a chic style for your everyday wear. Simply match a tulle dress with a suit, a t-shirt or a leather jacket will definitely draws attention.

Fits for all Weather

Just came across these gorgeous umbrellas from Brolliesgalore. A wide range of different designs and materials are available. Especially like the pretty designs with tulle, sexy and feminine, they're great props for shootings!! No matter it's a rainy day, sunny day or even your wedding day, it'll be wonderful for any mood or occasion. You'll just love it.


Volume in Focus

Ever realize that you'd loads of accessories in your closet that had been sitting for ages without exposing to the light? Try stacking them up and mix & match them to create a different look for your day! You'll always be surprised how much difference they can give to a simple outfit. And that's the power of Volume.


Make it Right

Found these gorgeous necklaces by Swedish designer Ann-Louise Landelius. They are great for matching with simple outfits to create a unique and stylish look.


Look of the Day

Look at this gorgeous shocking PINK! She's Konstantina T from Rome. If you're a big fan of black and white monotones, ever thought of adding a touch of color to your looks this winter?


Spot the Dots

Whenever people ask what's the trend of this season, Polka Dots is definitely one of the big trends. In fact, polka dots had never been out though. Round shapes are always pleasing and  projects a positive impression. In some cases, cuteness can easily be seen. This season, fabulous collections had been created by Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and Lanvin. Different sizes of dots are used in long dresses, as layering of materials and even as windows for a great peep!

Special pick : Dolce & Gabbana


a Piece of Wish

Time for some imagination! Do you feel like floating in the air riding with the clouds? Or you see marshmallows and you want to give a bite? These puffy white dreams are created by Rei Kawakubo for her Comme Des Garcons SS12 collection. 
"White Drama" will be a more precise description of the complete collection. Different stages of life are performed, from brith, marriage to death. The white collection may be seen as wedding dress and christening gown, a crafted couture that is deeply religious and leveled to a spiritual stage. Make a wish.


Nature for Home

Collecting and displaying ones' passions by discovering the beauty of nature in Laura Zindel's ceramic collections. Shop from a range of ceramic homeware with elements from the nature. From insects to botanicals, and from dinnerware to bottles.



Look at these vibrant colors from Versace x H&M! Thanks to H&M for the lovely tote bag and notebook. They'll definitely add colors to my WhATaBOUTBLaCkssssss!!


Dress for Dinner Set

A cool set of kitchen ware "dressed" for dinner!
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