Hotel du Petit Moulin

Christian Lacroix is the name behind the interior design of Hotel du Petit Moulin, located in the historical area of Paris. A delightful hotel for an original break in the capital. This 17th century building is originally an ancient bakery that has been completely renovated. The facade, dating back to 1900, as well as the shop sign, both of which are registered as historic monuments, have been preserved. "I immediately fell for the slightly twisted perspectives, the maze-like passageways on the different floors and the new functional areas which have been added in full respect of the "old Paris" style of the classified parts of the building. It reminds us of doll houses, or of the cut-through views of buildings found in 20th century encyclopaedias, where the atmospheres were very different from one floor to another." said Christian Lacroix. It's the fabrics, the wallpapers and the coverings which create the atmosphere. The montage of enlarged embroidery prints, scandinavian fabrics and patterns and a beautiful mix of modern graphics.

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